Saturday, March 17, 2012

Goon - The Re(al) - view

Hockey is one brutal sport! That's the thought Goon leaves you with.

This little sport film is surprisingly funny and enjoyable, and features Seann William Scott in a funny-yet-sweet roleas Doug Glatt (definitely one of my fav. performances) and Liev Schrieber as Ross Rhea, as two enforcers (another name for guys whose job on the ice is to fight -- bare knuckle) on opposing teams with a really soothing demeanor till they instigate a fight on the ice that is.

Written by Evan Goldberg and Jay Baruchel, who also starred as Pat - Doug's "tattooed and profanity driven" best friend; this character's vulgar nature is on par with the violence that heralds the movie's theme. Alison Pill's role as Doug's love interest is a cute attempt at personifying "Doug" thus bringing along emotional weight to this feature. Jonathan Cherry as Marco, was insanely hilarious as the divorced goalie who just had to remind everyone what he was going through; his pep talks are really out of this world in a twisted emotional manner that is; while Marc-Andre Grondin as Laflamme , the fallen superstar of the team also reflects how Doug influences his (LaFlamme) road to redemption, and the effects of team work.

Director Michael Dowse's approach is to applauded as he dove right in, focusing on the players of the game rather than the game itself giving fans and non-fans (like your truly) an insight on the game, thus not over/under-whelming either parties.