The Aj/Cinephile Project

The Aj/Cinephile Project is inspired by "The Julie/Julia Project" from the movie, Julie & Julia. This project, however, is not about recipes but movies! Not average/good movies but great movies.

The Aj/Cinephile Project is going to cover a span of 90 days, and the challenge is 100 great/awesome/amazing/cool/excellent/outstanding movies!

Heads up, there are going to be lots of gangster movies, quite a few trilogies as well; also I've come to realize that studios are putting more effort into animated movies too. But! a genre that would be under-represented here would be Horror genre. Why? Simple, since it's essence is to scare the viewers, studios & writers put in little thought in its execution. And Comic movies too, after this summer's force comic movie showdown (by the way 80% of them sucked), they won't be making this list too.

I look forward to suggestions on movies that I could also see, because I am taking this project one day at a time; so whoever you are that is reading this ... I am open to suggestions.

Thank You :)