Friday, March 2, 2012

Movie #95 - Gangs of New York

Boss Tweed: Remember the first rule of politics. The ballots don't make the results, the counters make the results. The counters. Keep counting.


Gangs of New York

This is the seventh movie by Martin Scorsese appearing on the cinephile project; which comprises of brilliant production, historical accuracy, impressive screenplay, amazing mise-en-scène and costumes, and superb acting from Daniel-Day Lewis.

The film also boasts of a powerful cast of actors that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Broadbent, John C. Reilly, Brendan Gleeson, Cameron Diaz and Daniel-Day Lewis. The action was also brutal and bloody, as fights involved fists, bats and knives; with unique set of gangs involved. This is a story of revenge, racial intolerance and class struggle, and it was told in a grandiose manner.

Once again, Daniel-Day Lewis' performance was magnetic as a ganglord/butcher (Bill "the Butcher" Cutting) who knew how to carve up a human being with knives.

This a gritty classic.