Monday, July 30, 2012

Men in Black 3 - The Re(al) - view

Agent J: Knuckles, you know you're not supposed to be north of Canal Street!
Hood: Who's Knuckles?
[a graffiti drawing comes to life in front of the hood]
Knuckles: Relax, punk. They're looking for me, not you!
Agent J: Crazy, right? Two grown men talking to the wall, wall talking back? It's a mess. Hey, don't even worry about it.

Before I get down to it, in my opinion, Josh Brolin's role as the young Agent K was real good, But! My man of the movie (I know it sounds cheesy) was none other than Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal (you may also know him as 'Nigel' in Rio). And as for Will Smith's role as Agent J was just okay.

Now down to the core of the movie - story; MIB 3 wins with its director but fails woefully with its story; it felt like recycled material from the on-set, you know an alien that's trying to conquer earth - wait a minute isn't that similar to the first two MIB movies? Oh yes it is! The only difference this time seemed to be the whole going to the past twist, which was underutilized (c'mon that can't be the best 1969 had to offer us). This sequel was to reveal more about K's past but after the entirety of the movie, it was J's past that was explained in a way - thus linking the first and third films together (a smart move, considering how awful the second was).

But then, why was MIB 3 fun to watch? it's actors/characters! - well just two and half of them.

The look
Will Smith will always be the funny guy, who can add a bit of seriousness to his roles when the need arises and that he did here perfectly. But Josh Brolin's portrayal of the younger K was fantastic (ok, maybe better than my earlier "real good" comment), he totally embodied everything about the older K (Tommy Lee Jones) and then some. That stern look was epic! His on-screen chemistry with Smith's J was doubled the fun, as it was fresh and somewhat nostalgic (in relations to the first MIB). Josh Brolin's inclusion in this movie is as a result of perfect casting.

Just don't call him - Boris the Animal
Boris (just Boris!) is the kind of bad guy you love to watch, why? First, that dude was eloquent, his enunciation was perfect! He really knew how to speak! His badness was ... je ne sais quoi. But whatever it was .. I loved it! Jemaine Clement portrayal was scene stealing nearly every time he appeared on the screen, except for the fight at the end of the movie. And I thank the producers for doubling the fun i.e. two Boris' was much more exciting to watch.

60s Boris
In all MIB 3 is quite the entertainment, but please no MIB 4 (unfortunately, it seems like there is going to be ... crap!).

PS: Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K's eulogy of Zed was ... well you may as well read it.
Agent K: Z was my superior. In all the years I knew him, he never gave away anything personal about himself, nor did he invite me to his house. Thank you.