Monday, March 3, 2014

Gran Torino (Random Images)

Lawyer: [reading from Walt's will] And I'd like to leave my 1972 Gran Torino to...[the lawyer pauses and looks up at Ashley, who smiles expectantly]
Lawyer: friend... Thao Vang Lor. On the condition that you don't chop-top the roof like one of those beaners, don't paint any idiotic flames on it like some white trash hillbilly, and don't put a big, gay spoiler on the rear end like you see on all the other zipperheads' cars. It just looks like hell. If you can refrain from doing any of that... it's yours.
Walt Kowalski: [to Father Janovich] The thing that haunts a guy is the stuff he wasn't ordered to do.
Sue Lor: Hmong girls over here fit in better. The girls go to college and the boys go to jail.
Walt Kowalski: [about his son] I worked in Ford for 50 years and he sells Japanese cars.

Opened: December 12, 2008 Runtime: 1 hr. 56 min. Genre: Drama Rated: 15