Friday, August 12, 2011

4 Things you’ll learn from Rise of the Planet of the Apes

First the real star of the movie Andy Serkis, who acts as Caesar (the ape), should be honoured with a honorary Oscar for his contribution to film history; because playing King Kong and Gollum (the way he did) ain’t easy as it looked. And then with Caesar, he delivered a truly magnificent ape.

Then, Chimp revolution is Awesome! You get to see some cool coup plotting scenes with chimp dialogue; and Chimps know how to fight the power, rather than random looting ..... London Riots?

Tom Felton simply knows how to play characters that we just love to hate, cos he brought some Malfoy along with him on this one.

Isn’t James Franco just cool? The chemistry between Will (James Franco) & Caesar is remarkable and it goes on for virtually the first half of the movie. Just seeing those two together with their communication is truly amazing.

And watching chimps take over San Francisco is simply awesome, especially the “gorilla jump” as I‘ve name this specific scene.

Don't mess with chimps.