Saturday, September 10, 2011

Worst Movies of the Summer

Besides the fact that a huge chunk of the movies that opened this summer were either remakes, prequels, sequels or comic-adaptations; some movies just stood out as EXCEPTIONALLY awful! Here are 5 of the worst:

  • Your Highness
First I can't understand how a studio can pick up such a ridiculous idea/script and then spend $50 million, on what I considered to be a complete waste of time for everyone involved in the movie - except Danny McBride.
  • Bad Teacher
The one thing I find synonymous with "Bad Teacher" is Bad Movie! While Diaz was quite funny, the movie just had a really REALLY weak story with a much predictable outcome and silly jokes; at least the they were a few laughs. 
  • Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
Like the name implies, another sequel from Martin Lawrence's Big Momma's series of Crap!
  • Cowboys & Aliens 
Ok, so you've got Jon Favreau directing (he directed Iron Man), Daniel Craig (James "Freaking" Bond), Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) and Olivia Wilde (13 from 'House') ... so how the hell did the movie turn out so bad ... one word "Writers". I think either there was no script involved when the actors (& actress) when signed on or comics were used to entice them on-board. Besides Hollywood should have learned from Jonah Hex ... and a western graphic novel adaption is not going to work - Simple!
  • Green Lantern
Growing up with Justice League I though Green Lantern was black, nope he white! I can live with that but as soon as the movies started I felt like telling the operator to stop screening and walking up in front of the screen to give a detailed explanation of the movie (which I had not seen) - Yes! it was that predictable.
At least Blake Lively& Ryan Reynolds is not a bad combination.