Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie#32 - Hugo

Day #34


The biggest surprise of this masterpiece is its director, Martin 'freaking' Scorsese! The king of gangster movies!

Hugo is the best movie of 2011, with an amazing director who did a REALLY brilliant job, a children's story that "metamorphs" into a movie about -- Movies, and the acting is (following its french theme) incroyable -- with brilliant references from everyone down to Sacha Baron Cohen's Inspector Gustav's dog! And a majestic mise en scene.

This is one emotional--brilliant piece of art.

Richard Corliss (of Time) -- "Scorsese's love poem, rendered gorgeously in 3-D, restores both the reputation of an early pioneer and the glory of movie history — the birth of a popular art form given new life through a master's application of the coolest new techniques". Now that's how you end a review about an awesome cinematic experience.