Sunday, December 18, 2011

Worst Movies of 2011

This year the world needed saving a lot! And Hollywood's portrayal of this was awful -- really  terrible; way too many comic movies. This list would not include limited releases, as my focus is on wide releases. Here are the hours I would never-ever get back.

        10.  Sucker Punch

Mindless Action from start to finish, sprinkled all-over with hot chicks kicking butt.

         9.   Green Lantern

Very boring, highly predictable and stupid humor; at least Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is not a sore sight.

         8.   Bad Teacher

Should be synonymous with 'Bad Movie'; built on a weak story, with Cameron Diaz giving us weak jokes (although some were hilarious), an awful experience.

         7.    Cowboys and Aliens
Why did they have to make another comic movie with a cowboy theme --- didn't they see Jonah Hex? With Jon Favreau directing (after his brilliant job on Iron man), Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford; whoever brought these people together should be given an award for sales-man of the year, because this movie sucked monumentally!

         6.    Jack and Jill

Awful awful movie, Adam Sandler is gradually becoming "un-funny".

         5.    No Strings Attached

A dull, dumb, slow, bonkers, daft, barmy and nutty version of Friends with Benefits.

         4.   The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1  

Most depressing movie of the year. Vampires on honeymoon (seriously?), over-hyped, too moody, and absolutely pointless till the very end. On the up-side, the last one's coming out next year so brace yourselves!

         3.    Red Ridding Hood

From the director of Twilight, I was kinda excited to see this movie --- till I saw it! (jaw drops). Catherine Hardwicke tried to 'twilight' this movie with the wrong script and characters --- and audiences stayed far far away from it (wise decision)

         2.    Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son 
The first one was kinda funny, the second was unnecessary and then this, which was a disaster. And from Rotten Tomatoes --- "Unnecessary, unfunny, and generally unwelcome, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son offers more of the same for fans of Martin Lawrence's perplexingly popular series."

         1.    Your Highness

One question - how did a studio green light this piece of crap (lack of a better word or not). $50million to make it, starring an Academy Award winner (Natalie Portman) and James Franco (the coolest actor ever!). Hollywood why?!!!!!

Other worthy mentions are: In Time; Mars Needs Moms; Zookepper; Priest; Just Go with It; Drive Angry; Something Borrowed.. 

NB - Writing this post did not give any joy, rather it stirred up some rather unpleasant movie experiences this year. :(