Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rango (Random Images)

Rattlesnake Jake: [after Beans refuses to sign a deed] Sign the damn paper, woman!
Beans: Go to Hell!
Rattlesnake Jake: [wraps Beans in his coils and suspends her upside down] Where do you think I come from?

Waffles: [Rango and his posse have found new purpose in their search for the outlaws] What do we do now, Sheriff?
Rango: Now... we ride! [whip cracks; Rango stops and looks to his right, puzzled] Rango: [the band of mariachi owls stands a ways away with their instruments, waiting; Rango shouts to them] That means we're riding now! This moment. [another whip is heard and the owls start playing the background music; everyone is riding roadrunners in the next cut]

Merrimack: Now, Beans, I've always thought of you as a niece, and I've done my best to look after you ever since your daddy... [Beans gives him a death glare]
Merrimack: ... did *not* fall drunk down a mine shaft...

Mayor: Control the water... and you control everything.

Rattlesnake Jake: [sees bullet] One bullet. You were right. I tip my hat to you... One legend to another.

Opened: March 04, 2011 Runtime: 1 hr. 47 min. Genre: Animation, Adventure, Western Rated: PG