Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty (Random Images)

Ammar: Please help me.
Maya: You can help yourself by being truthful.

Maya: [to Navy SEALs] Quite frankly, I didn't even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullshit. I wanted to drop a bomb. But people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb. So they're using you guys as canaries. And, in theory, if bin Laden isn't there, you can sneak away and no one will be the wiser. But bin Laden is there. And you're going to kill him for me. 

Dan: I'm not your friend. I'm not gonna help you. I'm going to break you. Any questions?

Maya: [slightly irritated] So what does this Baluchi guy look like? Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Tall, long white beard, thin, walks with a cane.
Maya: [smirks] Kinda like Gandalf.
Abu Faraj al-Libbi: Who?

Dan: I need a favor.
Kuwaiti Businessman: Why I should help you?
Dan: Because we're friends.
Kuwaiti Businessman: You saying we are friends? How come you only call me when you need help? But when I need something you are too busy to pick up the phone. I don't think we are friends.
Dan: All right, fair enough. How about a new V10 Lamborghini? How's that for friendship?

Dan: It's cool, that you're strong and I respect it, I do. But in the end, everybody breaks, bro. It's biology. 
 Opened: December 25, 2012 Runtime: 2 hr. 37 min. Genre: Drama, Thriller Rated: 15