Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Random Images)

Steve Zissou: Don't point that gun at him, he's an unpaid intern.

Ned Plimpton: You don't know me, you don't want to know me... I'm just a character in your stupid film.
Ned Plimpton: I'm gonna fight you, Steve.
[Steve hits Ned in the face]
Steve Zissou: You never say, "I'm gonna fight you, Steve." You just smile and act natural, and then you sucker-punch him.
Ned Plimpton: You fight your way, and I'll fight mine.
Steve Zissou: Oh, listen, Ned. Don't you try to...
[Ned hits Steve in the face]
Steve Zissou: I think your Team Zissou ring might've caught me on the lip.
[a woman asks a question about the shark Zissou is hunting]
Festival Director: [translating] That's an endangered species at most. What would be the scientific purpose of killing it?
Steve Zissou: Revenge.

Steve Zissou: I'll fight it, but I won't kill it. Now, what about my dynamite?

Alistair Hennessey: They made soup out of my research turtles.

Steve Zissou: Wolodarsky, go get the keys to that fishing boat, and throw them in the water. No, wait. They might have another set. Just blow it up.

Steve Zissou: Would you like to join my crew?
Ned Plimpton: Would I like to...
Steve Zissou: I want you, on Team Zissou.
Ned Plimpton: I don't think I can do that.
Steve Zissou: Why not?
Ned Plimpton: Well, it's not my field, I don't have the background for it.
Steve Zissou: No one here does. Klaus used to be a bus driver, Wolodarsky was a high school substitute teacher. We're a pack of strays, don't you get it?
Ned Plimpton: Steve I'm not even that strong a swimmer,
Ned Plimpton: the answer's yes.
Steve Zissou: Well it's got to be. I'll order you a red cap and a speedo.
[to Klaus]
Steve Zissou: Cut.

Opened: December 25, 2004 Runtime: 1 hr. 59 min. Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama Rated: 15