Monday, December 5, 2011

Day #13 - Road to Perdition

In the last movie to feature the legendary Paul Newman is Movie #13

Winner of Academy Award for Best Cinematography (which after researching, is a really big deal in movie making), this movie explores three father-son relationships in a fairly dynamic way. Then, add in the Al-Capone Chicago era setting and you get Road to Perdition.

The way the movie was made/shot deserves a really huge shout-out because it captured the mood of the period and the gloom surrounding the lives of the principal characters in Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig and Tyler Hoechlin (whose performance as Michael Sullivan Jr. was really brilliant). 

Also the non-appearance of Al Capone is a brilliant way feed on his reputation without putting a face on it, and subsequently preventing any sort of diversion from the movie's plot.

Finally, Jude Law as Maguire is one of the weirdest assassins in movie history; from his pale look to his rotted teeth and adding his habit of taking photographs of his victims, I would say not bad for a character that was not existent in the graphic novel (tipping my hat to David Self who created him and wrote the screenplay)

 A really captivating movie which can't and shouldn't be categorized as a comic movie, a really 'awesome' crime drama.