Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Movie #14 - The Incredibles

Day #14

Now, there are four kind of comic movies (which I would be explaining at a time hopefully); but I would illustrate with the movies.

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Iron Man (just the first one)
  3. X-Men: First Class, Spiderman ...
  4. Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Cowboys & Aliens

The Incredibles just falls short of being in the category of the first (The Dark Knight), so it would have to make do with the second (Iron Man), although I would rather rate/categorize it as 1b.

Choosing The Incredibles should be a yardstick for studios when making comic movies (except with Chris Nolan); after overloading us this summer with really sub-standard movies, this feels like a classic (and it is!). First, I can't seem to wrap myself around the general genuineness of the story, linking super heroes with the suburban lifestyle; and the action was really cool. From start to finish I was in awe.

My favorite characters are

  • Edna Mode - the eccentric fashion designer for the supers, who refuses to design super suits with capes
  • Gilbert Huph - Mr. Incredible's strict and diminutive boss, whose character is so genuine down to his neatness and love for bureaucracy. 
  • Bomb Voyage - He's a french villain .... #nuffsaid
Bomb Voyage
Finally, my favorite scene has to be the principal's office where the teacher's fuming because Dash gets off once again, classic comedy.

Why can't they make comic movies like this?