Monday, December 12, 2011

Die Hard, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark & The Pianist

I was unable to publish any posts over the weekend because of internet problems and the much over-hyped 'El-Classico' (which turned out to be a colossal waste of time; But, it didn't stop me from watching these wonderful set of movies!

Day #17
Movies #17, #18 & #19 

Die Hard

First, the title - which is epic! (c'mon how much tougher can a movie title get?)

Then, we move on to the idea, which is as simple as a movie can get (police vs. thieves) but add the action and Bam! You've got a  classic!

While Bruce Willis was awesome in his performance, but Alan Rickman (in his film debut) gave us the swashbuckling Hans Gruber (a terrorist who knows his suit!) - a true villain to counter Willis' John McClane.

And finally, one of movie's best lines ever - "Yippee kai yay, motherf*****"

Day #18

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

In the world of adventurers, Indiana Jones is a legend; and Raiders of the Lost Ark brings together him (Jones) , Nazis and the Ark of Covenant into play, with some comedic splash. Harrison Ford was fantastic, but it's the goofy nature of the characters that should be praised

Winner of four Academy Awards and a Grammy is what you'd expect when legends like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg collaborate on a movie.

like Die Hard, we've got a wonderful line here too - "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?"

Day #19

The Pianist

Like Schindler's List The Pianist is a biographical war film, but with a twist - it's based on a Jewish-Polish musician's ordeal.

Adrien Brody won an a well deserved Academy Award for his top notch performance; Ron Howard's brilliant screenplay and director Roman Polanski's deep connection with the Krakow Ghetto (where he escaped from as a child) is heavily detailed in this moving film.

The movie really encompassed life in the ghetto during the war and it's effect on it's inhabitants. 

The Pianist won a host of awards which include three Academy Awards (Best Actor, Director and Adapted Screenplay), two BAFTAs (Best Picture and Director), seven French C├ęsars (Best Picture, Director and Actor) and Palme d'Or, 2002 Cannes Film Festival.

A true work of art.