Thursday, January 19, 2012

#57 - Spirited Away

Movie #57, Day #57

Spirited Away
I have a piece of history with this wonderful experience.

The best way to describe Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy adventure is found on it's poster - Beauty, Power, Mystery and above all Heart, and that's just what Spirited Away leaves you with.

Spirited Away's power is in its story and the characters that shape it. And Chihiro is one of the bravest and strongest characters ever!

This 2003 Oscar winner caused me to miss a test (high school) and .... it was totally worth (or was it?)

This isn't just a great animated movie ... but one of the best movies ever made!

PS - The closing song - Always With Me (いつも何度でも Itsumo Nando demo) by Youmi Kimura - is absolutely fantastic.