Monday, January 16, 2012

Day #54 - The King's Speech

Bertie - No matter how this turns out, I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done.
Lionel - Knighthood?

Movie #54

The King's Speech
"Rich, Excellent and Fantastic" these are the words that best describe the best movie of 2010 -- It's got four Academy Awards, seven BAFTAs, two SAGs and a Golden Globe to prove it.

The biggest praise goes to Colin Firth for a grand performance as King George VI aka Bertie. He nailed the stutter and posture perfectly. And Geoffrey Rush was absolutely amazing as Lionel Logue, his witty and clever remarks shed a metaphorical light on the entire movie; really impressive acting. Then Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth (Bertie's wife) is quite a change from her usual roles; her demeanour was filled with grace, charm, warmth and love.

Then, director, Tom Hooper was brilliant in shooting this movie, he carried his audience along literally -- cause it felt like I was in the room especially with scenes involving Firth and Rush. Then the mise-en-scène, the suits, locations and set design really followed the entire mood of the movie. Amazing stuff!

And finally, that script! Wow! This was a movie primarily about the words and the screenplay justified it. No surprise for it's Oscar win.

In all The King's Speech was a commercial and critical success -- which is as good as it gets.

A Great Movie