Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day #67 - The Petrified Forest

Movie #67

The Petrified Forest
It's in black and white, funny, thrilling (somewhat), stylish, literary and Humphrey Bogart's breakout role!

Adapted from a stage play, The Petrified Forest also features Leslie Howard as Alan Squier and Bette Davis as Gabrielle Maple, who both gave the film a more theatrical look with their extended dialogues, as Slim Thompson as Slim and John Alexander as Joseph provided the funniest moments in the film are when Slim offers Joseph a drink (you've got to see it to understand the joke) and Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm's interactions played by Paul Harvey and Genevieve Tobin.

Finally, Humphrey Bogart as Duke Mantee, the ruthless gangster who livened the movie with his terrifying demeanor; an iconic performance.

This 1936 classic is quite a unique film as it explores its characters in a very literary manner; a  fine approach to movie making that seems to have faded with the classic film noir period.