Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day #90 - Titanic

NB - I've decided to extend the number of days for The Aj/Cinephile Project to 100 (up from 90) as I recently discovered that I could not cover the proposed number a week before now. Also, I would be taking a week and a half off (for personal reasons), and resume with the other seven movies. So I would be resuming on the 1st of March.

Thank You.

Movie #93


Its big, bold, grand, emotional and amazing special effects; James Cameron, who directed, co-produced and wrote this film, brought together a tragic historical event with a romance story juxtaposing the rich and poor; armed with a cast of talented actors, a special effects team that push the boundaries of movie making and an unforgettable soundtrack.

I stumbled upon this epic movie while trying to get a hold The Sound of Music on DVD and after watching it I was reminded of such an amazing experience that went on to win eleven Academy Awards and is currently the second highest grossing movie of all time (right after Cameron's Avatar). Need I say more?