Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fast & Furious 6: The Re(al) - view

Luke Hobbs: When you invite me to your house, you become the guest
It's bigger, louder and just a little (actually, a smidgen) better that Fast Five; why? Well, The Rock is no longer hunting them. period! But, its definitely a fun experience.

Fast 6 (as I would refer to it), has got awesome action sequences, wicked stunts with cars, a tank and a plane, ridiculous humour courtesy of Tyrese, and an okay script. "An okay script" in the Fast & Furious franchise is gold, as their movies are more action centric - always about the race car culture with little reference to a solid story line, but something happened with Fast Five, a transition with the plot that changed the course of the franchise, and this change reflected in Fast 6, this time and for the second time in the entirety of the franchise - they are on good terms with the law; and that's a big problem, you see in Fast Five, there was a nearly non-existent bad guy in Hernan Reyes, but there was a twist - a hunter was also in play - Luke Hobbs (The Rock), so we had the team going against a guy who had the entire police force in Rio in his pocket and a hunter that's quite determined to catch his prey, even if he beats the (bleep) out of 'em.

Fast 6 sees Hobbs overwhelmed by the collective awesomeness of the team, something the writer's must have forgotten is that in Fast Five, Hobbs was against the team so his on-screen presence against Toretto (portrayed by Vin Diesel) was the selling point, especially their epic testosterone-fuelled fight scene. Here, Fast 6, we see a highly skilled team of thieves go up against Toretto team (which is in partnership with Hobbs) - that sounds like a really good script except the villain here is lame; he's smart but he's dwarfed by Diesel's Toretto & Rock's Hobbs. But the beautiful thing about all of this is, you almost don't notice it because director Justin Lin made sure to compensate with some really over-the-top scenes like Toretto propelling from a speeding car to catch Letty (played by Michelle Rodriguez) mid-air on a bridge only to land on his back on the windscreen of a car. And its only in Hollywood you see a  guy walk away from such an event without a scratch.

Other than the ridiculously awesome action scenes, the actors - good guys - were collectively really cool. My favourite wasn't Diesel's Toretto, it was the quick witted, comic fuelled Roman Pearce (portrayed by Tyrese Gibson). His character was the only voice of reason in the team, particularly about him risking his life for some chick he's never met and not get paid for it; and that comment about him being the handsome black dude is priceless. The rest of the team were really good, but at times Paul Walker's acting felt bland. Bias-free, Diesel owned the movie, probably because it was centred on his character, but his family-themed speeches were quite clich├ęd but his mannerism sold it.

Other than a week villain (character-wise), Fast 6 was a fun movie experience, filled with enough absurd action packed scenes, and an enjoyable & yet predictable dialogue with Tyrese baby!

Opened: May 24, 2013 Runtime: 2 hr. 10 min. Genre: Action, Thriller Rated: PG-13

PS: The supposed twist was VERY predictable, try harder next time.