Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Expendables 3: The Re(al)-veiw

Barney Ross: Galgo, get out of the seat, Christmas is coming!
Galgo: But it's only June.
The Expendables is based on a simple premise; bring together a bunch of old tough guys (some of whom have amassed an impressive amount of action movie cred), with a script filled with humour and good old-school action - you know, blowing up stuff, wicked gun fights and awesome hand to hand combat that makes all feel nostalgic of the '80s & '90s action films. And it worked for the first two, the third ... not so much.

The Expendables 3 started out exciting, the rescue scene in the beginning fell short of the first two (my favourite is the first - the rescue mission against the Somali pirates); the train scene was not as intense as the first two, but in it was a sweet and lovely surprise ... Wesley Snipes! I knew he was going to be in it, and I was excited from the get go. And the tax evasion bit ... GOLD!

Then, things started getting wobbly story-wise; till Mel Gibson came on board. I've got to say, Mel as a bad guy wasn't what I was expecting, till I saw his facial expressions and that dude had crazy (explicit) written all over it. He played it very well, though not as good as Van Damme in Part 2. Still, he was (in all fairness) okay. The major problem with this movie is the story; something was off. I think Sylvester Stallone (he also co-wrote the screenplay) got too emotional with the story and delved a little too much into character development, something the franchise is not associated with. His character, Barney Ross, leaving his old team cause of guilt (or something else I can't figure out) over what happened to Halle Caesar (Terry Crews) and then assembling a new team of nobodys (yes, Kellan Lutz is a nobody when you're talking about The 'freaking' Expendables) and going off after the nastiest bad guy he's ever faced. That was a let down.

Other than Wesley Snipes, another lovely surprise was Antonio Banderas. Oh, I loved his character, Galgo, very much. He was fun to watch throughout; even in the midst of the never-ending fight scene/mini-war, his little quips were a delight.

In all, The Expendables 3 is just average. It could have been better, if they had stuck to the theme of the first two and not tried to include so many unnecessary emotional twists. It could have been, what most classic action films of old were about; something the first two were centred upon - Revenge.

Opened: August 4, 2014 Runtime: 2 hr. 06 min. Genre: Action, Adventure Rated: 12

PS: Huge shout out to Harrison Ford; he made Bruce Willis' absence unnoticed.