Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie #48 - V for Vendetta

Day #48

V for Vendetta
For a comic book adaptation, V for Vendetta is really artistic ( a factor that is usually forgone in such adaptations); and the principal character "V" is really brilliant.

For a movie about a guy with zero super powers and is not stupendously rich, taking on the big guy (government) is quite refreshing; and Hugo Weaving (whose face is not revealed for the entirety of the movie) really delivered with his voice, whose pitch was perfectly portrayed and charismatic; quite a brilliant performance.

Then, the bad guys -- The Government is a good portrayal of its acts and how the people (who they claim to represent) disagree; the manner through which its being run is somewhat similar to the Nazi, hence its takedown by V much more entertaining. Plus, John Hurt's role as the High Chancellor was

And Natalie Portman was fantastic, as she carries the audience through her character's, Evey Hammond, transformation remarkably well.

Warning: Do not attempt to fight your government in this manner, because you would definitely loose; instead protest -- the past year has proved its effectiveness.