Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie #49 - The Dark Knight

Day #49

The Dark Knight
This is not just the best comic/superhero movie ever made; but one of the best movies ever!

Everything about this movie was great:

  • Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker is out of the world - demented, psychotic, dark and bat-sh*t crazy! (no pun intended) Definitely one of the best villains in movie history.
  • Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Harvey Dent/Two-Face was moving, as he was the backbone of the movie.
  • The Script is absolutely brilliant, as the words were designed for specific purposes and then later beautifully put together to tell a much more interesting story.
  • The Director - Chris Nolan really steeped up his game, his clever mix of the principal characters and their stories is genius. Impressive action scenes, plus those shots of the Hong Kong skyline were brilliant.
  • And finally, the Marketing -- "I Believe in Harvey Dent" is simply my favourite.
A truly impressive movie; "I believe whatever doesn't kill you only makes you strange." - The Joker.