Monday, November 28, 2011

Day #6, Casino Royale

On a sunday evening, sometime mid - 2005 (I think) watching CNN with the family and the announcement came up showing the new Bond, as Craig, Daniel Craig coming out of the water in nothing but a speedo showing off his burly figure; at first we were all shocked then my mom (least expected person to comment) said he was an odd looking bond! And like many other millions of viewers out there, we all thought something was definitely wrong with the bond franchise. My main concern was, how could this muscular and rugged (but handsome) guy be another Pierce Brosnan. Then this came 17, November 2006 and this came out.

I saw Casino Royale twice and I became a huge fan of Daniel Craig, as I fell back in love with the Bond franchise. From the super-awesome chase in the beginning with Isaac de BankolĂ©, to his interactions with Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the drama surrounding the high stakes poker tournament, his torture scene with Le Chiffre, him falling in love (yes, Bond in love!) and the final act, Betrayal.

This just shows that before Bond became Connery, Moore, Dalton & Brosnan; he was first Craig. Casino Royale is a Bond reboot, and it truly is a remarkable and fantastic movie. And I have succeeded in converting 4 people (and counting) over to Daniel Craig's kind of Bond.

I give you Movie #6. Enjoy!