Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watership Down

Day #7, Movie #7 - Watership Down

"All the world will be your enemy
Prince with a thousand enemies
and when they catch you, they will kill you...

But first they must catch you."

I never truly understood these words, when I first saw Watership Down (... well because I was a kid), till last night when I saw the movie again for the first time in little over 18 years; and all I can say is I miss graphic animations like this.

This movie is about bravery and liberation, Watership Down is 'great' in its own special way and "Bright Eyes" is a really epic song to accompany such movie.

You think rabbits/bunnies are cute, think again ... at least after seeing what General Woundwort looks like, you would definitely think twice.

NB: This movie, while I saw it as a kid, is more of an adult animation than a children's movie.