Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blood Diamond

Day #11, Movie #11

Ok, I've got to admit this, while Blood Diamond does not have the greatest story, there are two things that captivated me while I saw it.

  1. The Idea - The idea to make a movie about such a sensitive issue , other than terrorism, that the rest of the world seems to ignore is amazing. Seriously diamonds! Not oil nor gold, and bringing in child soldiers is brilliant! 
  2. The Acting - This is what sells the movie for me. The performances, especially Djimon Hounsou's is so amazing that I was absolutely shocked when he didn't get an Oscar for it. You need to see the scene where he fights Leonardo DiCaprio, that was some emotional performance. Also, DiCaprio's performance as a white African is really really good, especially his accent. Other performers include Jennifer Connelly, who acts as a conscience and balance through out; and David Harewood as the incredibly awesome Captain Poison, what a fantastic performance. 
I choose Blood Diamond for the performances that I experienced, it was very sad that this 2006 political thriller did not win any Oscars (despite its 5 nominations).