Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Movie #86 - Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco: If I come out alive, this guy, Lefty, ends up dead. That's the same thing as me putting the bullet in his head myself.

Day #83

Donnie Brasco

As one of my favorite films, I usually have a hard time putting the right words to explain my love for this "work of art", as I always gesture with my hands (to no fruition) trying to explain that "thing" that sets it apart from the rest. So understand if I don't sound genuine/convincing enough with this review.

Donnie Brasco is and feels real, as expected from an adaptation of true events; concentrating more on the emotional side of a male partnership (in crime) and loyalty. In a way this is a gangster-love story. Also beautifully written.
The Acting is top notch, Al Pacino as Lefty is really one of his finer performances and Johnny Depp was outstanding as Donnie, he was cool, composed, tough (the calm kind - not the Joe Pesci kind) and oozing with Self confidence.

Powerful, terrific, engrossing and riveting.

This film kept it real.