Monday, February 13, 2012

Day #82 - Finding Nemo & Toy Story

If you've not seen both of these movies .... Please Do!

Movie #84
Finding Nemo
Packed with incredible animation, cleverly detailed, filled with humor, really interesting characters (with top notch voice acting), really fun story and those bloody awesome Turtle dudes!

This is clearly among the best animated films ever made, and it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, grossed nearly $900 million (on a $94 million budget) and is the Best selling DVD of all time - and you should own one too.

Buzz Lightyear: I just want you to know: even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is something we do not promote on my planet.
Woody: Oh, well, that's good.
Buzz Lightyear: But we're not on my planet, are we?

Movie #85
Toy Story

Brilliant - that's how I would describe this film as its uniqueness is unrivaled till date, c'mon a movie about the life of toys? Pixar definitely knows how to make them. Outstanding voice acting (especially Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, whose chemistry on-screen is legendary); a story that has the ability to appeal to every living person and a landmark for future animated movies.

A true work of Genius.

This would put the total films by Pixar that have appeared on the project at five (movie #14, movie #47 and movie #51), and they are all GREAT!